This is the first column in a series in which I’d like to share with you how technology has helped improve building products.

I’ve worked in the residential construction industry for decades. In that time, I’ve gotten a unique perspective on new products. Not all of them have worked out so well, and sometimes it takes several permutations until a manufacturer gets it right.


The same thing goes for techniques. Early in my career, I spent years taking apart 100-year-old houses and was able to see how the old-school craftsmen built. Some of their methods, in my opinion, are far better than the way things are done today. I’ll share much of that with you in this series that will unfold as the year progresses.


Today I’d like to dive into plumbing. It’s a system that causes consternation with many consumers, because repairs can be costly. You might imagine that not much has changed in plumbing, given that pipes and fixtures are pretty simple, but you would be wrong.

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